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Dear OTASA Member,

OTASA has received many questions regarding the annual OTASA membership fee during the Covid-19 period with membership payments due by 31 March 2020.

After consideration by the executive committee members of OTASA, SAISI & INSTOPP, an extension of payment has been granted until 30 June 2020 (PLEASE take note that the extension applies to OTASA, SAISI, INSTOPP & OTARG fees.)

MPS Membership: A request for an extension has also been submitted to the MPS office in London for consideration, more information on this has been communicated to MPS members.


  • The membership year runs from 1 January – 31 December
  • All new members pay a registration fee on joining OTASA for the first time (the registration fee is for administration purposes)
  • Please note that a re-registration fee is payable should your membership expire without renewal
  • Only OTASA members are eligible to serve as office bearers
  • It is not intended that the membership fee structure should exclude anyone who genuinely wishes to be a member of OTASA. Should any member not be able to pay the full fee, an application in writing can be made for a reduction in fees via email to  (to qualify for the sliding scale you have to apply ANNUALLY)
  • Should you receive an annual income of R262 020 or less you will only be liable for 70% of the full OTASA membership fee
  • Non-practicing members (Non-earners, Pensioners & Maternity) – 50% of the OTASA membership fee o Your application for a reduction must be fully motivated and include a current payslip or other evidence of income level, directed to the OT Office.
  • Membership fees for existing members must be paid by 31 March (if fees are not fully paid up by 31 March your membership will be terminated immediately) o No other membership fees (i.e. MPS, SAISI, WFOT, INSTOPP) will be accepted if OTASA fees are not paid in full
  • Membership to the Medical Protection Society is only available to paid up OTASA members in good standing (MPS fees are NOT determined by OTASA) o MPS fees cannot be paid in instalments
  • When fees are deposited directly into the OTASA bank account or electronically transferred, a deposit slip or proof of electronic transfer must be faxed to the OT Office at 0866 515 438, or email to  
  • All cheques / postal orders must be made payable to OTASA
  • Should you wish to terminate your membership with any of the above PLEASE note that you need to do so in writing. You can fax your termination to 0866 515 438 or email to or post to PO Box 11695, Hatfield, 0028


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