OTASA Strategic Plan 2022

This strategic plan 2022 was developed from wide consultation within and outside of the OTASA membership through the National Listening and Dialogue Campaign. This included a series of consultative meetings held in all branches between 2016 and 2017 to reflect on where we had started, where we are now and where we want to be in the future. The strategic plan including goals, objectives and activities and specific deliverables, which was developed from these critical discussions in 2018.   Much of 2019 has been dedicated to the actioning of the strategic plan with all our constituencies.

Our Vision
By 2022, we envisage occupational therapy as an integral, evidence-based and relevant force meeting society’s occupational needs in partnership with key stakeholders and the public.

Our Goal and Aims
OTASA’s main goal is to further the practice of Occupational Therapy, and we take pride in representing the profession and all occupational therapy professionals (OTs, Students and OTAs and OTTs).

Our Mission
The Occupational Therapy Association of South Africa (OTASA) is the professional association that advances the dynamic growth of quality occupational therapy with a focus on occupation and a distinct South African identity.

OTASA aims to support, promote and represent the profession of occupational therapy as a key element of the health services in South Africa. OTASA also strives to render a quality service to its members and to add value to their careers. It is furthermore dedicated to the advancement of the occupational therapy profession and the improvement of services to the consumer.

Our Members
Our members are students, occupational therapy support staff, educators, managers and practitioners who are interested in supporting our profession and are committed to its development and importance in the delivery of quality services to people in South Africa.

OUR VALUES reflect the principles and core beliefs associated with DOING IT

Diversity are connected in diversity
Occupation-based rooted in occupation
Inclusive stand together
Networking network to recognize where change is needed
Grounded are grounded in South African identity
Innovative find new solutions
Transformative are proactively moving with the times