Membership - Fees and Payments



Membership Fees and Payment Details

  • The membership runs from the 1st January – 31st December each year
  • All new members pay a registration fee on joining OTASA for the first time (the registration fee is for administration purposes)
  • Please note that a re-registration fee is payable should your membership expire without renewal
  • Only OTASA members are eligible to serve as Office Bearers
  • The membership fee structure is not intended to exclude anyone who genuinely wishes to be a member of OTASA. Should any individual not be able to pay the full fee, a written application for a reduction in fees (according to the OTASA sliding scale) can be submitted to
  • To qualify for the sliding scale, you must apply ANNUALLY
  • Should you receive an annual income of R412 134.00 or less you, you will be eligible to pay 70% of the full OTASA membership fee
  • Non-practicing members (Non-earners, Pensioners & or if you are on Maternity Leave) are eligible to pay 50% of the full OTASA membership fee
  • Your application for a reduction, is subject to a detailed written motivation and must include a current payslip or other evidence of income
  • Membership fees for existing members must be paid by 31 March (if fees are not fully paid up by 31 March your membership will be terminated immediately)
  • No other membership fees (i.e. MPS, SAISI, WFOT, INSTOPP) will be accepted if OTASA fees are not paid in full
  • Membership to the Medical Protection Society (MPS) is only available to paid up OTASA members in good standing (MPS fees are NOT determined by OTASA)
  • MPS fees cannot be paid in instalments
  • When fees are deposited directly into the OTASA bank account or electronically transferred, a deposit slip or proof of electronic transfer must be faxed to the OT Office at 0866 515 438, or emailed to  
  • All cheques / postal orders must be made payable to OTASA
  • Termination of your membership must be done in writing.
  • You can fax your termination to 0866 515 438, email to or post to PO Box 11695, Hatfield, 0028, for the attention: The Occupational Therapy Association of South Africa (OTASA)