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Medico-Legal Interest Group
Adri Roos

An interest group for occupational therapists working in the medico-legal industry.


Trish Pletzer

South African Society of Hand Therapists (SASHT)
Hand therapy is the art and science of rehabilitation of the upper limb – from the shoulder to the hand. Hand therapy assists a person to regain maximum use of his or her upper limb after injury, surgery or the onset of disease.

You can access our website on www.sasht.org.za

Rulaine Smith

POTS is an interest group for occupational therapists that work in the field of psychiatry. The executive committee meets on a regular basis and plans morning workshops on exciting and relevant topics and Update Symposiums in conjunction with the Creative Ability Foundation, every two years. There is no longer a fee to be part of POTS and anyone who is interested can be on the mailing list by emailing the POTS at potsgroups@gmail.com

Jaclyn Craig

Occupational therapists who work in schools are patient, mature, tactful, and creative. They genuinely enjoy helping children and youth, work well with other faculty members and health professionals, and maintain accurate records of each student’s progress. Good physical health and stamina are also desirable, since occupational therapists often stand for long periods, move equipment, travel between schools, and work at eye level with the children.

Driver Fitness Coalition

Caroline Rule

Occupational Therapists who work with people who have suffered serious injuries due to road accidents have formed the “Driver Fitness Coalition.

Pain Management

Dershnee Devan

A special interest group for Occupational Therapy in pain management with the objective of raising awareness of the Occupational Therapist’s role in the field of chronic pain and to promote education for Occupational Therapists regarding interventions for chronic pain management.