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Dr. Helen Buchanan

The World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) is the key international representative for Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy around the world and the official international organization for the promotion of Occupational Therapy. Founded in 1952, WFOT currently has 101 member associations.
Web site: www.wfot.org


Peter Ndaa and Rulaine Smith

OTARG is a regional group of World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT). The regional groups of WFOT are according to the World Health Organisation regions of Africa.
OTARG is the sub-Saharan regional group of WFOT.
Web site: www.otarg.org.za

Haneke Jonas

INSTOPP (Governing Body for Private Practitioners) strives to serve, represent and develop dynamic Occupational Therapists in Private Practice.

Forum for OTs in the Public Sector

Aluwani Manenzhe

The web site provides contact information for occupational therapy services in the public sector of South Africa.
Web site:  www.linx.co.za/occther

Vona & Marie du Toit
Jodie De Bruyn

The Theory of Creative Ability was developed in South Africa during the 1960s by Vona du Toit a leading figure in occupational therapy.

Website: www.dutoitfoundation.org/


Marie Greyling

To provide sensory integration training and education of an internationally accepted standard in order to provide a service of excellence for the ultimate benefit of the client.
Website: www.instsi.co.za


Maryke Bezuidenhout

​Rural Rehab South Africa (RuReSA), is a multidisciplinary organisation of professionals committed to providing and improving rehabilitation services in rural communities.

Website: www.ruresa.com/


The South African Disability Alliance (SADA) is a voluntary consultative forum of national disability organisation. SADA’s work is aligned with the goal of advancing the rights and freedoms of persons with disabilities in South Africa and the improvement of our quality of life.

The Inter-Professional Rehabilitation Indaba


The Inter-Professional Rehabilitation Indaba is a group of Organisations representing the rehabilitation professionals, registered at HPCSA and mentioned as the core rehabilitation professionals in the Framework and Strategy for Disability and Rehabilitation services 2015-2020 in National Department of Health (NDOH).