You may apply for membership online, or download and complete the membership form off-line and submit it to OTASA by fax or email.

Membership Application Form

Includes SAISI, INSTOPP, WFOT, OTARG & Guidelines for MPS

 OTASA – Membership Application – 1 January – 31 December 2019

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Why become an OTASA Member

    • All “full” members have equal privileges and benefits; student members have the rights and privileges of full members excepting they do not have voting powers
    • OTASA is recognised as the official voice for OT in South Africa
    • OTASA offers continuing professional development for occupational therapy staff – with reduced rates for members on all OTASA courses, workshops & congresses
    • Branch network – OTASA has branches throughout South Africa, which will give you the opportunity to meet other OT Staff in your area and share ideas and experiences
    • A national OTASA Congress is held every two years – the key scientific gathering of the profession, and is attended by international as well as local presenters
    • All members have access to the online version of the SA Journal of Occupational Therapy (3 issues per annum)
    • All OTASA members can obtain advice on any OT issue either by contacting the OT Office (which is open daily) or their branch – you will either receive the relevant information or be directed to the right person
    • Information on issues of importance to the profession (e.g. legislative changes) is disseminated by OTASA



    • Be visible – subscribe to the Directory for OTs in Private Practice, free of charge
    • Be informed – receive 6 CPD points per annum
    • Be professional – INSTOPP aims to continuously re-evaluate and promote best practice
    • Have your needs met – INSTOPP strives to identity and pursue the needs of the Occupational Therapist in private practice
    • Manage your private practice – INSTOPP annually presents Practice Management Courses
    • Develop yourself professionally continuously – INSTOPP presents courses to assist you with your professional development. If you are an INSTOPP member, you receive a reduced rate
    • Have representation – INSTOPP has representation on Standing Committees of OTASA, such as Coding, Ethics, CPD etc., on matters regarding Private Practice



    • MPS offers support to members with the legal and ethical problems that might arise from their professional practice
    • Members have access to expert advice from local medico-legal advisors and where appropriate, legal assistance and compensation for patients who have been harmed through negligent treatment
    • Note that this is a group cover – MPS Membership Guidelines can be obtained from the OT Office
    • Also available to OT Students 1st to 4th year

    Please note that an additional registration form needs to be completed when applying for MPS membership – request from


    • CPD questionnaire: articles published on website every second month with CPD questionnaire. You can earn up to 6 Ceu’s extra for free per annum
    • Regular book reviews available
    • New up-to date information regarding Ayres Sensory Integration
    • Exciting up-to date activity ideas in ‘Publications & CPD’
    • Paid-up SAISI SIPT qualified Therapist names are published on the SAISI website for reference purpose etc.
    • Constant updates on SIPT issues (from 2017 updates will also be provided on the new Evaluation of Ayres Sensory Integration (EASI) will also be provided)
    • SAISI members receive a reduced fee when applying for SAISI workshop
    • Information regarding workshops and courses are published on the SAISI website
    • Interesting articles of benefit regarding Ayres’ Sensory Integration
    • Be updated regularly on international matters regarding ASI and have the opportunity to be exposed to international experts whom SAISI invite to present workshops and lecture here in SA
    • Connect to the SAISI Face Book page
    • Attend SAISI Journal Group/s for free (obtain 18 Ceu’s per annum)
    • Support/mentoring available through SAISI Support/mentoring available through SAISI


    You can join any time during the year, contact the OT Office to confirm costs after 1 July


    • The membership year runs from 1 January – 31 December
    • All new members pay a registration fee on joining OTASA for the first time (the registration fee is for administration purposes)
    • Please note that a re-registration fee is payable should your membership expire without renewal
    • Only OTASA members are eligible to serve as office bearers
    • It is not intended that the membership fee structure should exclude anyone who genuinely wishes to be a member of OTASA. Should any member not be able to pay the full fee, an application in writing can be made for a reduction in fees via email to qualify for the sliding scale you have to apply ANNUALLY)
    • Should you receive an annual income of R262 020 or less you will only be liable for 70% of the full OTASA membership fee
    • Non-practicing members (Non-earners, Pensioners & Maternity) – 50% of the OTASA membership fee o Your application for a reduction must be fully motivated and include a current payslip or other evidence of income level, directed to the OT Office.
    • Membership fees for existing members must be paid by 31 March (if fees are not fully paid up by 31 March your membership will be terminated immediately) o No other membership fees (i.e. MPS, SAISI, WFOT, INSTOPP) will be accepted if OTASA fees are not paid in full
    • Membership to the Medical Protection Society is only available to paid up OTASA members in good standing (MPS fees are NOT determined by OTASA) o MPS fees cannot be paid in instalments
    • When fees are deposited directly into the OTASA bank account or electronically transferred, a deposit slip or proof of electronic transfer must be faxed to the OT Office at 0866 515 438, or email to  
    • All cheques / postal orders must be made payable to OTASA
    • Should you wish to terminate your membership with any of the above PLEASE note that you need to do so in writing. You can fax your termination to 0866 515 438 or email to or post to PO Box 11695, Hatfield, 0028