Each university is hereby invited to submit up to three (3) nominations, within the 2nd and 3rd years of studies, for the OTASAS Executive Committee in any the following portfolios: Chairperson, Vice chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer.

Representative to each of the following OTASA standing committees: Education, Research, Marketing, Ethics.

The nominations should be submitted online, by following this link and or via e-mail to otoffice@uitweb.co.za The closing date for nominations is Monday 12 August 2019. Voting will take place electronically (via e-mail or WhatsApp) from 14-21 August 2019. The new executive will be announced by 30 August 2019 and ratified electronically by Council members. The newly elected Chairperson will represent OTASAS at Council 2020.

For any queries or clarity please contact vice3@otasa.org.za

Download – Call for nominations OTASAS National Executive