President: Pat de Witt
Vice President: Lebo Masek
Vice President: Haneke Jonas
Vice President: Elize Jansen van Rensburg
Treasurer: Riette Smit
COO: Elvin Williams
OT Forum Co-opted member: Alowani Manenzhe
WFOT co-opted member: Helen Buchanan
Financial Coordinator: Aletta Kietzmann
Office Coordinator: El-lerisa Coetzee


If you would like to contact an executive committee member please contact the OTASA Office, who will put you in touch with the respective committee member.

Structure and Functions

  • The President shall be Chairperson of the Council and will preside at all meetings of the Association and the Council (see Standing Orders)
  • The Vice Presidents will assist the President in the performance of her / his duties and may preside at meetings or undertake other duties in her / his absence. Similarly, any of the officers may stand in for one another (see Standing Orders)
  • The Treasurer will carry out duties delegated to them by the Executive Committee or council, in addition to those laid down in the Standing Orders.
  • Each Executive Committee officer will be a buddy to a standing committee, and branch or branches / sub branches in an area, as stipulated in the Standing Orders.