Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CPD Online

Occupational therapists may now obtain CPD Points by listening to audio tapes and completing multiple choice tests online. Monetary credits required for completing these tests may also loaded directly onto your CPD Solutions account from an online payment gateway.

Listen to the workshop presentation:

Obtain 3 ethical points (CPD level 2) by listening to a workshop presentation and completing an online questionnaire on “The White Coat calling – the role of every health professional to heal the health care system“.

Click on this link to access and listen the presentation.

Complete the online CPD questionnaire:

  • Log in to www.cpdsollutions.co.za
  • Click on ‘Articles and multiple choice tests’
  • Click on ‘Occupational Therapy Association of South Africa’
  • Click on ‘The White Coat calling – the role of every health professional to heal the health care system’
  • Click on ‘Credits required: 3’ and follow payment guidelines below.
  • Once credits has been purchase you may proceed and complete the questionnaire.

Paying for multiple choice questionnaire credits guidelines

CPD Solutions allows CPD service providers with the option to have users pay directly for completing certain multiple choice tests. Where it is indicated next to a test that there is a credit charge for the test, you need to load credits on your account.

There are three ways in which credits can be loaded onto your CPD Solutions account. For OTASA tests one credit is generally required for each test, but credits are sold in batches to make transactions economical.

Note that payments through our website Monsterpay gateway (Credit/ debit card or SIDs – Secure Instant Deposits – from your bank account) is the cheapest option. Normal electronic transfers are more expensive and cash the most expensive method.

Paying through Monsterpay (Credit/ debit card or SID payment)

  • Log on to www.cpdsolutions.co.za
  • Click on ‘Purchase Credits’ and follow the instructions from there.
  • Credits are available immediately after completion of the transaction.

About CPD

The basis of CPD is Life Long Learning. The ultimate goal is to maximise the well-being of those for whom the occupational therapy professional is responsible. Also to maintain and increase competence in the rapidly changing fields of health development, and to reflect on professional practice experiences.

OTASA will:

  • Promote continuing professional education in occupational therapy for staff in all fields of occupational therapy
  • Ensure awareness of and compliance with HPCSA requirements for learning and professional development


  • Accredit quality educational programmes.
  • Develop and maintain an effective administration system and database for accreditation
  • Publish a CPD Events list

Applying for CPD points through OTASA

Visit the following website: www.otadmin.co.za

If you have any queries, please contact the OT Office at 012 362 5457 / otoffice@otasa.org.za for the numbers required. 

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