Passionate about working with young children?

Interested in owning your own business?

We are looking for teachers, Occupational Therapists and Play Therapists who are interested in a Business Opportunity, to run their own play school. Play Sense is a play-based program for 2 to 3 year olds developed by two OT’s – Meg Faure and Lara Schoenfeld. The program is conducted in the home of one of the children in the group.

An ideal solution meeting everyone’s needs:

  • Optimal earnings as a teacher.
  • Be part of team that loves creativity and learning.
  • All the planning is done for you! No admin in the afternoons.
  • Small group play-based education for toddlers
  • Convenience and peace of mind for parents

Increase your skills and become certified in the Play Sense Program and earn between R8 000 and R17 000 per month in a morning only position, with low overheads.