OTASA comprises 11 branches and sub-branches, i.e. Eastern Cape, Free State & Northern Cape, Northern Gauteng, Southern Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo Province, North West Province, Southern Cape, Western Cape, Mpumalanga and Vaal & Northern Free State. It is affiliated with the World Federation of Occupational Therapy (WFOT).

Branch Contacts

Eastern Cape: Marilize Watermeyer
Free State/Northern Cape: Melissa Meyer
KwaZulu-Natal: Gina Rencken
Limpopo: Losanne van der Zee
Mpumalanga: Mia Groenewald
Northern Gauteng: Ina Grobler
North West: Anneri Myburgh
Southern Cape: Lee-Ann Arendse
Southern Gauteng: Faye Sinnett
Western Cape: Michael Awood

The country is divided into geographical areas defined in the Standing Orders. Each area may have one or more Branches of the Association. 

Structure of the Branches:
All members of the Association, who live in a defined area, as well as student members and affiliates, belong to a Branch. The minimum number of ordinary members in any Branch shall be 4 (four) members.

  • Branches will carry out the work of the Association within the Area of the Branch, both on behalf of the local members and as requested by OTASA Exco and Council.
  • Branches may raise funds as deemed necessary from time to time, according to the Association’s Financial Policy.
  • Branches will make recommendations to Council regarding the advancement of the Association as a whole.
  • Branches will actively recruit students and other prospective members.
  • Branches will promote the educational development of all members by offering courses, workshops and seminars, and will liaise actively with training institutions.
  • Liaison between Exco and the Branches.
  • The Buddy system (as stipulated in the Standing Orders) is in place to promote communication and networking between Exco and the Branches.
  • Special Interest Groups: The Branch shall initiate, develop and assist in the maintenance of Special Interest Groups.
  • Branches need to submit budgets for planned projects (e.g. pamphlets/promotional items etc.) to the National Treasurer (and OTASA Council).

If you would like to contact a committee member via email please contact the OTASA Office, who will then put you in touch with the respective committee member.