Albie Sachs Award


The Albie Sachs OTASA/LIFE Rehabilitation Award

2016 AWARD

The Occupational Therapy Association of South Africa (OTASA) is delighted to announce that the fourth Albie Sachs OTASA Award will be presented in Gauteng on 14–16 July 2016.

Background information

This prestigious award was inaugurated by OTASA in 2001, under the leadership of Lee Randall (then OTASA Vice president).

The award has been set up by the Occupational Therapy Association of South Africa (OTASA) and is sponsored by Life Rehabilitation.

It is awarded to an OTASA member/s (OT, OTA/OTT or group) who has distinguished himself/herself/themselves through professional excellence and dedication to serving the needs of people with disabilities.

It is awarded at the OTASA Congress as part of the OTASA AGM and consists of a framed, beaded trophy, a copy of Judge Sachs’s autobiography and a cash prize.

About Judge Albie Sachs

Judge Albie Sachs is currently a justice of the Constitutional Court, and played a key role in developing the current South African constitution. He lost his right arm and the sight in one eye in a car-bomb attack in Maputo in 1988 and came into contact with occupational therapy during the course of his rehabilitation.

“Most medical treatment is quite authoritarian….but OT is very democratic and patient-centered. It is all up to you, what you want to do.” From Albie Sachs’s book – THE SOFT VENGEANCE OF A FREEDOM FIGHTER, ALBIE SACHS 1990

OTASA applauds Judge Sachs for truly embodying the principle of full integration of people with disabilities in society and gratefully acknowledges the sponsorship received from Life Rehabilitation, which has made it possible to facilitate the award.

Criteria for the award

The purpose of the award is to honour an occupational therapist (OT), occupational therapy assistant (OTA) or group who is making a difference by:

  • Assisting persons with disabilities (PWDs) to live as they choose to live
  • Facilitating life participation of PWDs in their communities
  • Facilitating PWDs to return to the life activities they value, regardless of their disability
  • Ensuring the implementation of choices and dignity in interaction
  • Finding practical solutions to functional problems
  • Making a sustainable impact on disability in South Africa

Previous recipients

Year Recipient Comments
2014 Hillary Beeton  
2009 Corrianne v Velze  
2007 Esther Watson For her exceptional contribution to creating awareness of disability through her organisation of the Outeniqua Wheelchair challenge, an event that has grown into an internationally supported and recognised wheelchair race, as well as all of the logistics around it, including the creation of wheelchair accessible facilities.
2004 Sylvia Birkhead For her role as an ambassador of the profession and the disabled community, and her involvement with numerous associations to optimise the abilities of disabled people.
2002 Christa Meyer For her contribution to promoting sport for the disabled, and for her efforts in establishing primary health care and community based rehabilitation

Esther Watson (right) - Recipient of the Award for 2007

Esther Watson (right),recipient of the 2007 Award

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