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Adri Roos
INSTOPP (Governing Body for Private Practitioners) strives to serve, represent and develop dynamic Occupational Therapists in Private Practice.
Helen Buchanan
The World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) is the key international representative for Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy around the world and the official international organization for the promotion of Occupational Therapy. Founded in 1952, WFOT currently has 66 member associations.
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WFOT Publication
WFOT Limited Edition book “Disaster and Development – An Occupational Perspective”
To reserve your copy send an email to and you will be given first priority on purchase as soon as it is released.

Pat de Witt
OTARG is a regional group of World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT). The regional groups of WFOT are according to the World Health Organisation regions of Africa.
OTARG is the sub-Saharan regional group of WFOT.
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Ray-Anne Cook
To provide Sensory Integration training and education of an internationally accepted standard in order to provide a service of excellence for the ultimate benefit of the client.
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Forum for OTs in the Public Sector
Hanchen Visser 
The web site provides contact information for occupational therapy services in the public sector of South Africa.
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Vona & Marie du Toit
Elsa Veldsman 
The theory of Creative Ability was developed in South Africa during the 1960s by Vona du Toit -a leading figure in occupational therapy.
Professional Board (HPCSA)
Alfred Ramukumba

Matty v Niekerk
The Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) is a statutory body, established in terms of the Health Professions Act no. 56 of 1974 with a mandate to protect the public, all consumers of health care services, and to provide guidance on educational, professional and ethical issues to our practitioners.

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Adri Roos
The Medical Protection Society (MPS) is South Africa’s leading indemnifier of healthcare professionals. As a not-for-profit mutual organisation, MPS offers discretionary indemnity to members with the legal, ethical and related problems that arise from their professional practice. MPS membership offers peace of mind to more than 26,000 health professionals in South Africa and over 260,000 members worldwide.

Members commonly seek help with clinical negligence claims, complaints, HPCSA inquiries, legal and ethical dilemmas, disciplinary procedures and inquests. They have access to expert advice from a team of medicolegal consultants based in South Africa and, where appropriate, legal assistance and compensation for patients who have been harmed.

Fairness is at the heart of how we conduct our business. We actively protect and promote the interests of members and the wider profession. Equally, we believe that patients who have suffered harm from negligent treatment should receive fair compensation. We promote safer practice by running risk management and education programmes to reduce avoidable harm.

MPS is not an insurance company. The benefits of membership are discretionary – this allows us the flexibility to provide help and support even in unusual circumstances.

Ashleigh Guedes
South African Society of Hand Therapists (SASHT)
Hand therapy is the art and science of rehabilitation of the upper limb – from the shoulder to the hand. Hand therapy assists a person to regain maximum use of his or her upper limb after injury, surgery or the onset of disease.

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Daleen Casteleijn 
POTS is an interest group for occupational therapists that work in the field of psychiatry. The executive committee meets on a regular basis and plans morning workshops on exciting and relevant topics and Update Symposiums in conjunction with the Creative Ability Foundation, every two years. There is no longer a fee to be part of POTS and anyone who is interested can be on the mailing list by emailing the POTS gmail at
Chairperson: Prof Daleen Casteleijn.
Kim Kaveberg 
OTLA consists of therapists working in the Life Assurance and other related Industries performing various types of functions and roles within the Corporate world. Typically, therapists are employed by Insurance and Reinsurance Companies, Disability Management Consultants, Corporate Wellness Providers and Brokerages. Some therapists belonging to OTLA are Independent Practitioners who offer their assessment and / or treatment skills to the aforementioned institutions on a consultancy basis.
Jaclyn Craig
Occupational therapists who work in schools are patient, mature, tactful, and creative. They genuinely enjoy helping children and youth, work well with other faculty members and health professionals, and maintain accurate records of each student’s progress. Good physical health and stamina are also desirable, since occupational therapists often stand for long periods, move equipment, travel between schools, and work at eye level with the children.
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